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Who is Databloom?

We are a software company that is building the future of data processing with AI. Our flagship product, Blossom Sky, enables decentralized data processing on the edge, allowing data scientists and analysts to train large AI models directly at the source.
The founders of DataBloom AI are the original creators of Apache Wayang. Our Flagship product, Blossom Sky, leverages Apache Wayang, an open source API for cross-platform data processing that we are actively contributing to. With Blossom Sky, users can run data models and ML training against a variety of decentralized data sources ranging in size from gigabytes to petabytes, while ensuring data privacy and compliance.
In 2021, Kaustubh, Jorge and Alexander teamed up to create a startup that would bring Jorge’s research to market. Their goal was to develop the most comprehensive federated data processing platform by bootstrapping their research and development efforts. After leaving stealth mode 2021, they donated their project  to the Apache Software Foundation. The foundation accepted it as Apache Wayang (incubating).
Databloom was founded, established operations in Miami, and pioneered 100% remote work in addition to 4 full workdays every week. Out of more than 4,000 looked at startups, Databloom placed in the Top 50 at the famous Pepperdine "Most Fundable Companies" competition. Databloom was highlighted in several international conferences.
Databloom has been selected for the MARL 5G accelerator spring cohort. This program gives mentorship, training and access to deep tech investors, corporates and public institutions to selected startups. Databloom also received its first external investment from MARL 5G. The investment will help Databloom grow its product development and customer acquisition efforts.

The founders

Alexander is a startup entrepreneur and seasoned executive with more than 15 years of experience in the domains of big data, data processing, distributed data, AI, ML, and IoT. Prior to founding Databloom, he founded Infinite Devices, X-Warp, and Infinimesh and held various developer-related roles in Cloudera or T-Mobile (Telekom) as well as data-related executive roles in E.ON, Allianz, Evariant (Healthgrades), and Scout24. He also contributed to various open source projects, including Apache Wayang, Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache Flume, and Apache HBase.

Kaustubh co-founded Databloom as a founding engineer, driven by his work on automated, regulation-compliant data processing. Kaustubh earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the renowned Max-Planck Institute and the University of Mannheim (Germany). He has published multiple papers in highly ranked journals since 2012. Kaustubh has built the federated SQL layer in Blossom Sky and leads the technical efforts of DataBloom AI as CTO. He is highly anticipated in the data science industry and currently teaches data management at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Jessica is a longtime senior executive in the financial industry. She worked at Wall Street for 15 years, including roles as VP for Securities Division at Goldman Sachs and VP of Model Validation at Deutsche Bank. Jessica earned her Phd specializing in Financial Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Industrial Organization from Iowa State University, and she's passionate about operational efficiency and financial analytics. Jessica has a long history of startup experience and has guided several startups as a board member in making strategic decisions.

Jorge started to investigate the topic of Federated Data Processing and distributed AI in 2015. The team developed Rheem in 2016 and presented the software stack at the Spark Summit 2017 followed by multiple conferences. Jorge was a professor and taught distributed data processing at the IT University of Copenhagen.
Jorge passed away unexpectedly in 2023.

Members of our team are frequent speakers at large conventions and meetups, like newWork summit, SXSW, Big Data World, Apache Con, BOSS, Developer Week, etc.

Read the full story why we created Databloom AI and built Blossom Sky.

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Our Management Team

See the face to the name

Alexander Alten, DataBloom AI

Alexander Alten

Ceo & co-founder

Entrepreneur,  Developer and Big Data Expert, more than 30 years data experience. Operating at the crossroads of sales and computer science to deliver solutions that people remember.

Kaustubh Beedkar, DataBloom AI

Prof. Dr. Kaustubh Beedkar

CTO & co-founder

One of the top researcher for data regulation automation, enthusiastic open source developer. Passionate about query processing frameworks and edge AI training. Professor, IIT Delhi.

Jessica Liu, DataBloom AI

Jessica Liu, Phd

CFO & co-founder

Passionate about Operational Efficiency and Strategic Planning. PhD in Economics, and Expert in Analytics and Modeling. Drives financials with passion and structure.

Vatsal Sha, DataBloom AI

Vatsal Shah


Roboticist turned ML Engineer turned growth hacker. Always curious, often wrong. Years of experience in sales, growth hacking, Federated Learning and AI.

Zoi Kaoudi

Prof. Dr. Zoi Kaoudi

VP Data Science and AI

Key scientist behind Apache Wayang, researches ML and AI, and enthusiast of true AI and generative AI. Inventor data fabric concept. Associate Professor, IT University of Copenhagen.

Thomas Lyu, VP Sales South Korea

Thomas Lyu

VP sales
south korea

IT Consultant, Storage Specialist. More than 20 years experience as Sales Engineer & Sales in South Korea. Exceptional thinker and customer oriented sales project lead, always putting our customers first.

Our Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Begum Demir

Prof. Dr. Begüm Demir

Technische Universität Berlin

Dr. Begüm Demir is a Scientific Committee member of the SPIE International Conference on Signal and Image Processing for Remote Sensing and co-chair of Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing.

Prof. Dr. Volker Markl

Prof. Dr. Volker Markl

Technische Universität Berlin

Dr. Volker Markl is director of the Berlin Institute for the Foundations of Learning and Data (BIFOLD). Volker has mentored, advised and co-founded multiple startups and is recognized as ACM Fellow for his research.

In Memory

Dr. Jorge Quaine

Prof. Dr. Jorge Quiané

Co-founder, Advisor, Friend, Father

Principal Investigator of Rheem, now Apache Wayang. Passionate on building next-generation Big Data infrastructures. Associate Professor, IT University of Copenhagen.

* 2023