Blossom Sky: The Ultimate Federated Learning Platform

Alexander Alten
Blossom Sky: The Ultimate Federated Learning Platform
February 25, 2023

An overview about Databloom AI

Databloom AI is a company that provides federated learning and data analytics solutions and was founded by the original creators of Apache Wayang and Rheem, two frameworks for cross-platform data processing. We aim to help data teams solve their problems and empower businesses with truly decentralized data infrastructures and homogenized data. We are also one of the pioneers of data mesh, a concept that advocates for distributed domain-oriented data ownership and governance. Databloom AI was founded in 2020, established operations in Miami, and pioneered 100% remote work in addition to 4 full workdays every week. We also placed in the Top 50 at the famous Pepperdine "Most Fundable Companies" competition out of more than 4,000 looked at startups. Let me give a short overview about Blossom Sky, the history and why we believe Federated Learning is the next frontier of AI.

Rheem and Apache Wayang

Apache Wayang and Rheem are two frameworks for cross-platform data processing. They allow users to write data applications that can run on different platforms without changing the code³. Rheem was the original name of the project when it started in 2015 as a cross-platform data processing system that decouples applications from the underlying platforms. Rheem was renamed into Apache Wayang in 2020 when it joined the Apache Software Foundation as an incubating project¹²⁴.

Rheem/Apache Wayang differs from other data processing frameworks in that it is a cross-platform system that can run applications on different platforms without changing the code¹. It also provides a three-layer data processing abstraction that sits between user applications and data processing platforms such as Hadoop and Spark³. Rheem/Apache Wayang uses data quanta as the smallest processing units from the input datasets and allows users to specify their quality requirements for each task¹.

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Our flagship: Blossom Sky

Blossom Sky is a product of Databloom AI, a pioneer in federated learning, data platform integration and data analytics. Federated learning is a cutting-edge technique that allows you to train machine learning models on distributed data sources without moving or exposing the data. This way, you can protect your data privacy and security while gaining valuable insights.

Blossom Sky is a cloud-based platform that makes federated learning easy and accessible. You can use Blossom Sky to create, manage, and monitor federated learning projects across different domains and applications. Blossom extends Wayang with various features such as data preprocessing, model selection, optimization, evaluation, and deployment.

It is important to note that Blossom Sky is more than just another machine learning platform. It is a framework and platform that enables users to solve real-world problems that require data collaboration over data legislations and data regulations, as example between California and France (CCPA and GDPR). Some of the use cases of Blossom Sky are:

  • Healthcare: train models on medical data from different hospitals and clinics without violating patient privacy or regulations.
  • Finance: detect fraud and money laundering by analyzing transactions from different banks without revealing sensitive information.
  • Education: personalize learning experiences by using data from different schools and universities without exposing student identities or grades.

We aim to democratize federated learning and make it available to everyone at the easiest possible way. Whether you are a data scientist, a developer, or a business user, our goal is that you can use Blossom Sky to create federated learning solutions that benefit your organization and society. Are you looking for a way to harness the power of data without compromising privacy and security? Do you want to collaborate with other parties on machine learning projects without sharing your data? If yes, then you need Blossom Sky.

About Databloom

Databloom is a software company that has developed a powerful AI-Powered Data Platform Integration as a Service platform called Blossom Sky. This platform enables users to unlock the full potential of their data by connecting data sources, enabling generative AI, and gaining performance by running data processing and AI directly at independent data sources. Blossom Sky allows for data collaboration, increased efficiency, and new insights by breaking data silos in a unified manner through a single system view. The platform supports a wide range of ML and AI algorithms and is designed to adapt to a wide variety of AI algorithms and models.

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