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Blossom Sky

Blossom Sky lets you overcome regulatory, privacy, and latency challenges in machine learning. Our platform is designed to address the challenges of regulatory compliance, data pooling, and security while enabling you to connect any data silo or edge device to form secure data federations for any kind of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

You are a developer that is curious about Blossom Core and want to test it right away? Get started quickly with our Blossom Development Environment (BDE):
> docker pull ghcr.io/databloom-ai/bde:main _
Federated ML Ops

Allow machine learning for siloed data without the security risks that come with central data lakes.

Blossom Sky Studio is a secure, federated machine learning and AI  platform. It lowers the technical barrier to federated learning for data scientists, provides a framework for organizations to act as third-party trust providers for federated learning, and supports FL in any modern MLOps pipeline.

Federated Learning is a decentralized AI model that trains and infers models at the data source / client device. It eliminates the costs of sharing data with the server and network latencies while also preserving privacy by default. Companies can obtain the output of Machine Learning models trained at their source by using this approach.

Companies are shifting away from centralized Machine Learning models and toward Federated Learning, which enables them to train ML models on data at the source and then move the resulting predictions for further analysis. Companies can now keep their users' data private while still making it useful by using this approach. Companies can obtain the output of their ML models trained at their source rather than the actual user data.

With Blossom Sky Studio, you simply connect to our API once, and the application and training cycles built on top of Blossom immediately run on any data processing platform, allowing you to effortlessly keep up with cutting-edge technology!

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Databloom provides with Blossom Sky a secure and data regulation compliant FL framework. The founders of Databloom are the top experts in federated learning and distributed data processing and are also leading contributors to Apache Wayang, the Federated Data Processing Platform.
Blossom Sky allows you to connect to any data source without having to copy the data into data warehouses or data lakes. Extend your data pipelines and enrich your AI and ML models; even create Generative AI to improve data efficiency; create digital twins of your current environment and model any future scenario; and gain better and more accurate insight to be a data leader in your industry.
Blossom Sky is a next-gen data mesh controller
Blossom Sky integrates with all major data processing and streaming frameworks, as well as AI systems like Tensorflow, Pandas, PyTorch. We support JDBC as well as Java, Scala and Python interfaces and working on a native high-performance SQL layer, called SQL everywhere.

Explore the Potential of Federated Learning

Federated Learning (FL) is a technique for training machine learning models on decentralized data, where the data is distributed across multiple devices such as smartphones or edge devices. In FL, the data never leaves the device and the model is trained locally on each device. The updates to the model are then sent to a central server where they are aggregated to update the global model. This approach allows for training models on large amounts of data without the need to send the data to a central server, which can improve privacy and reduce the amount of data that needs to be transmitted.

‍FL can be used in a variety of applications, some examples are:

Talks and videos

Flower Summit '22

We talked about democratizing AI and ML with Blossom and the Flower framework (pip flwr). Follow this talk to learn how we built a next-gen data mesh for users without having the power of the FAANG tech giants.

Apache Con@Home '21

We are living in a data deluge era, where data is being generated by a large number of sources. Nowadays, a large number of different devices are generating data at an unprecedented scale: smartphones, smartwatches, embedded sensors in cars, smart homes, wearable technology, just to mention a few.

BOSS Conference '21

Tutorial: Apache Wayang: A Big Data Cross-Platform System

Apache Wayang is a cross-platform processing engine, the world’s leading federated data processing platform. In this workshop the Apache Wayang team present the science and technolgy behind.

RedisConf '21

To perform time-series forecasting Scalytics Lumina first preprocesses the data to bring it into the right form and then runs an AI algorithm. Apache Wayang (incubating), the smart open-source technology behind Scalytics Lumina, is responsible for this step.

Spark Summit

We are witnessing a proliferation of big data, which has lead to a zoo of data processing systems. Each system providing a different set of features. For example, Spark provides scalability to analytic tasks, but Java 8 Streams provides low-latency.
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Want to get started on your own? Apache Wayang is open source and ready for you to start building your federated data processing engine.
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