Data Analytics at new dimensions.

Perform Data Analytics and AI tasks direct at the source, on edge, and in your favorite framework. Blossom is the leading privacy-preserving federated analytics platform.

Blossom AI Platform
Databloom, an AI company, provides with Blossom the leading federated analytics framework. Our engineers are the experts in Big Data Processing, and the maintainer of Apache Wayang, the API for cross-platform data processing. Blossom extends Apache Wayang with enterprise grade features and is always up-to-date with the latest innovations in Apache Wayang.

Blossom Studio gives your data scientists, data engineers and data operations the power to design, manage and deploy AI learning, AI training and AI operations (AIops) instantly and to any data processing or machine learning platform, with built-in UDF support to ensure best practices, resiliency, security, and compliance. Blossom provides data as well as model parallelism and pushes your data and analytics into new levels of performance, data security and prediction probability. Additionally, Blossom Studio enables Federated Learning and low-code pipeline management, including MLOps (coming Q4/2022).
Databloom Blossom overview
Blossom works with all major data processing and data streaming frameworks and AI systems. Currently we support JDBC as well as PostgreSQL and working on a native high-performance SQL layer.

Blossom delivers AI. Empowered to make better decisions.

  • compliance, performance, and legal requirements for AI and ML applications
  • based on Apache Wayang, the federated data processing engine
  • Integrates with major data processing frameworks and enables responsible federated analytics
  • fastest data processing engine on the market, trusted by largest data driven companies in the world
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Blossom defines how we work with data

  • Low Code UI to build pipelines and models
  • AI and ML Ops as add-on
  • Federated Analytics and AI to preserve data privacy but enable your data world
  • Open Source engine trusted by over 150k users
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“Apache Wayang is the data processing engine all we need. High-quality, fast, and easy to implement”.

Chen S., Senior Data Operations
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"Blossom supports a wide array of data processing platforms. Seamless data analytics across sources. Easy to integrate into existing applications”.

Kaustubh B.
Senior Data Analyst
Gartner Digital

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