Unify Your Data Stack

AI-Powered Data Platform Integration as a Service

AI Powered Data Platform Integration as a Service

Reduce data costs by up to 35% without sacrificing growth through better data management with Blossom Sky.

Access all your data sources, enable innovation, save costs, gain performance.
Perform data processing, AI and data analytics directly at the data sources, increase data velocity.
Enable data collaboration, increase efficiency, reduce data overhead, drive innovation.
Unify data silos, unleash all your data engines and data pools into one powerful data mesh.
Manage your data pools, train ML and AI more efficient, increase innovation, reduce complexity.
Reduce data costs, enhance data management and ensure data compliance.

Blossom Sky Solves Real-World Data Problems.

Discover how Databloom AI’s Blossom Sky can help you run data analytics and AI on decentralized data sources with privacy and compliance. Watch our videos and see how Blossom Sky drives innovation across industries.

Transform your data infrastructure with Databloom’s Blossom Sky and enjoy innovation and cost savings, forever.

Blossom Sky’s AI-Powered Platform Integration as a Service (PIaaS) lets you run analytics, machine learning (ML) and AI on various data sources and formats without moving or copying them. Use our platform to unify your current data platforms and data processing engines. Execute data processing, ML, AI and analytics tasks on the best platforms for each query, such as Apache Spark or Apache Flink.

Revamp your data infrastructure with Databloom’s Blossom Sky and enjoy perpetual cost savings. By applying greater data management to data-architecture, -sourcing, and -use practices, companies can unlock significant savings by optimizing their current data stack with Blossom Sky. Our clients have seen impressive results with Blossom Sky in five key areas., companies can recover and redeploy as much as 35 percent of their current data spend. Many of the recommended* improvements can be applied quickly by using Blossom Sky, with businesses capturing double-digit savings within six months. You can achieve these benefits quickly and easily with Blossom Sky.

Reduce costs, increase performance, accelerate innovation by adopting Blossom Sky.

* Reducing data costs without sacrificing growth | McKinsey

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The challenge of data lakes, data compliance and efficient AI model training

You need data available at any time to increase, but in a decentralized fashion, maximizing performance and data insights, while respecting everyone’s privacy. Sometimes it feels like a walk on a tightrope, and you feel like you can confidently fulfill one of these tasks, but hardly all of them.
Focus on your real job
Instead of having to prepare, clean, deduplicate and feed your data to intelligent systems before starting the analytics, with Blossom, you bring the intelligence to the data lakes directly. Hence, you will no longer have to deal with the heterogeneity of such systems, thanks to your able assistant Blossom.

You just code your applications on top of Blossom, and Blossom takes care of any required data movement and transformation. Thus, it provides you with the freedom to build your data driven idea and enables you to focus on the logic computation of your data analytics.
Benefit from decentralized processing performance
You need to perform a query over multiple datasets, stored in different formats? Well, good luck! The extent of transform the data to perform disparate queries is not only a back-breaking and highly time-consuming job, but also dangerously error-prone.

Blossom not only breaks up such complex analytics, but also selects the right data format to execute each query for you.
Invisible to its users, Blossom kindly complements the capabilities of data processing platforms with each other, thereby enabling them to perform complex analytics.
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Learn How Blossom Sky Can Transform Your Data into Insights and Solutions:

Train AI models efficiently

save time and resources by achieving resilience and viable results quicker, even with limited databases.

Break data silos and tap into new data sources

enabling you to compute data from various different sources, formats and systems.

Efficient visual AI training composition

data sources are easily composed visually or programmatically and submitted by a single click or command line.

Data compliance over multiple data lakes

enjoy highly heterogeneous data in a homogenized and easy-to-read format, always respecting privacy policies.

Intelligent cross-platform selection

it automatically decides the best data processing platform to use to run data tasks and AI model training.

AI advisor for query composition

assisting you in achieving a more reliable and accurate outcome much faster.
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The future of intelligent data analytics

Blossom Sky is the key to unlocking the full value of your data. We can help you save time and money while increasing productivity by making it easy to leverage the power of your AI and machine learning tools.

On point, on time
SAVE TIME by leveraging Blossom Sky's powerful automation tools to free up time and energy for the most valuable activities. Experience Blossom's amazing features in a free tour now - just CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW!
Join the Data Revolution
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Why users love Blossom Sky

“Love the automated determination and training of source data. Support for multicloud with a single tool. Low code and easy to integrate.”
Shaima H., MLOps
“What I like the most about this platform is its ease of use. One has to only express thebusiness logic within its API, and then the platform optimizes for the underlyingsystem usage. This way, one does not need to implement system-specific details.”
Haralampos G., Research Associate
"Blossom supports a wide array of data processing platforms. Seamless data analyticsacross sources. Easy to integrate into existing applications.”
Kaustubh B., Senior Data Analyst

Why the community loves Apache Wayang

Scaling with Apache Wayang
Apache Wayang (incubating) is an API for big data cross-platform processing. It provides an abstraction over other platforms like Apache Spark and Apache Flink as well as a default built-in stream-based “platform”. The goal is to provide a consistent developer experience when writing code regardless of whether a light-weight or highly-scalable platform may eventually be required. Execution of the application is specified in a logical plan which is again platform agnostic. Wayang will transform the logical plan into a set of physical operators to be executed by specific underlying processing platforms.

The JVM Programming Advent Calendar 2022
Gaining insights from our data with Blossom
"Blossom provides a middleware to run any data flow task on different platforms.I could execute my spark job on Flink by changing only one line of code. I also liked a lot the optimizer that can select the platform based on a cost model."

“Wayang is a Java library typically used in Big Data applications. Incubator-wayang has no bugs, it has no vulnerabilities, it has build file available, it has a Permissive License, and it has low support. You can download it from GitHub.
In contrast to traditional data processing systems that provide one dedicated execution engine, Apache Wayang (incubating) is a cross-platform data processing system: Users can specify any data processing application using one of Wayang's APIs and then Wayang will choose the data processing platform(s), e.g., Postgres or Apache Spark, that best fits the application.”

kandi X-RAY (about Wayang, the API for Big Data)
“Execution of the application is specified in a logical plan which is again platform-agnostic. Wayang will transform the logical plan into a set of physical operators to be executed by specific underlying processing platforms.Wayang selects which platform(s) will run our application. It has numerous capabilities whereby cost functions and load estimators can be used to influence and optimize how the application is run. For our simple example, it is enough to know that even though we specified Java or Spark as options, Wayang knows that for our small data set, the Java streams option is the way to go.

The Apache Software Foundation

Build your own Cross-Platform Data Processing

Open Source

Apache Wayang is open source and ready for you to build a cross-platform data processing engine on your own. When you need support, let us know!
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Apache Wayang