The Federated Analytics Platform

Enable the power of your data, everywhere.

made by the creators of Apache Wayang

Organizations have become data driven and process much more data than before. Key technologies that enable big data analytics transform and maximize the business value at scale. The Blossom Data Platform is the platform for decentralized data processing and implements a groundbreaking way to operate petabytes of data over multiple clouds, data silos and data lakes. Our platform does not rely on any knowledge of decentralized analytics, we enable data engineering teams to run data analytics and AI tasks directly at the source, without moving data around. Founded by the original creators of Apache Wayang and Rheem, Databloom is on a mission to help data teams to solve their problems and empower businesses around the world with responsible AI.

Blossom powers AI. And we power the data-driven economy.

Get your Data Federated. Fast.

Just add the Blossom libraries to your designed model and you are ready to go. No strings attached, you can even start directly by using Apache Wayang and use multiple frameworks in parallel.

Enable Federated Learning
Amazing Performance. Included.

Blossom's operator split the UDF into sub-tasks and operate them directly at the data source, be it a database, data lake, or other data processing framework. No need to copy data around.

Federated Data Warehouse
Build your Data Pipelines. Don't code them.

We are dedicated to make the work of our clients easier. Wayang and Blossom have a versatile CLI (command line interface) integrated. Built from the beginning to support plugins, Blossom is also easy to extend.

Blossom Federated Studio - Low Code UI
Code once. Use all your data, from everywhere.

Blossom enables easy transition and integration into different data processing systems with ease. You want to use Hadoop and Spark together with Flink? Blossom takes care. Did we mention our award winning UI?

Federated Learning and Analytics with Blossom
Solve your data problems, from the beginning.

Blossom has AI and MLOps (add-on) extensions. Just setup your data pipeline, design your model and Blossom MLOps takes care about all the steps from design to production, the whole lifecycle long.

Federated ML Ops

Blossom enables better decisions.

  • Compliance, performance, deployment and legal requirements for Big Data and AI applications.
  • Based on Apache Wayang, the leading federated data processing and compute engine.
  • Integrates with major data processing frameworks like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark or databases.
  • Fastest scalable data processing engine on the market, widely used by data driven companies.
“What I like the most about this platform is its ease of use. One has to only express the business logic within its API, and then the platform optimizes for the underlying system usage. This way one does not need to implement system-specific details."

Haralampos G.
Research Associate

What does Blossom for YOU?

Multi-Platform and Hybrid AI

Blossom automatically deploys each use-case of a data analytics job to the most relevant data lake in a seamless manner, reduces costs and improve performance.

Federated Machine Learning and AI Training

Blossom enables decentralized Data Analytics and AI - just add a few lines of code into your applications, we do the heavy lifting.

Data Processing Management

Blossom predicts and takes care about processing clusters during the learning process. Enjoy automatic mapreduce over unstructured data based on your jobs and datasets.

Data Privacy and Governance

Blossom provides a pre-defined set of rules:
  • Organize the job execution to met governance and budget.
  • Use only defined data regions and obey data regulations.
  • Execute workflows only on defined datasets and clusters.
“Love the automated determination and training of source data. Support for multi cloud with a single tool. Low code and easy to integrate.”

Shaima H., MLOps

"Blossom supports a wide array of data processing platforms. Seamless data analytics across sources. Easy to integrate into existing applications”.

Kaustubh B.
Senior Data Analyst
Gartner Digital

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