Blossom Sky is an effective tool for energy-related companies and utilities seeking to gain a better understanding of how they operate. Our cutting-edge data management solution enables continuous capture and analysis of massive volumes of data, offering important insights into consumer choices and their energy patterns. Energy companies and utilities may use Blossom Sky to make educated, data-driven choices to optimize their operations, enhance service delivery, and increase efficiency. Our user-friendly interface and configurable features make it simple for energy firms and utilities to access and understand their data, allowing them to maximize the value of their operations. Learn how Blossom Sky may transform your energy company or utility operations now.

The data challenges in

Utilities and Energy

Data velocity

The volume of data created by IoT will skyrocket. Every day, a smart building creates around 250 GBs of data. A single smart meter in a single home might produce 400MB per year. The result is 54 petabytes when multiplied by the 135 million meters in the United States.

Data infrastructure support

A transformer has an average age of roughly 40 years. To fully benefit from digital transformation, big power users and utilities will need to devise techniques that allow them to install IoT gateways and new sensors without tearing down their existing networks.

Data sharing

For utilities and energy companies, such as oil and gas, operational data will be the key to unlocking competitive advantages. Companies will subsequently begin to share information with trusted third-party providers of cloud analytics and other services.

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Unified data pools in multi-national airlines and energy companies.

Numerous organizations store data in multiple systems, with databases and file systems as the most common types of storage platforms. In some cases, different departments within the same organization use different systems and technologies to store data.
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Unified data pools in multi-national airlines and energy companies.
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