Our 3 Steps to Your Leadership in Data

We connect all types of data and data processing platforms.
You can access all your data directly from the source.
We enable data analytics running directly at their source.
You can optimize your analytics performance immediately.
We reduce ETL with our AI-driven cross-platform optimizer.
You save time and cost while staying compliant with regulations.
We Connect Your Data, You Create Insights

With our unique and open technology, businesses are able to connect to the data they need without the stress of centralizing it.

We Solve Real-World Data Problems

Chosen by Executives, Adored by Developers

“Easy to use API, makes the training of ML pipelines faster as it can run on distributed platforms such as Spark for example.”
“Databloom is easy to learn and master. It is surprising how easy is to configure Databloom and how easy I could setup my federated learning models”
“What I like the most about this platform is its ease of use. One has to only express the business logic within its API, and then the platform optimizes for the underlying system usage. This way, one does not need to implement system-specific details.”
"Ease of consulting distributed data sources, intuitive graphical interface, efficiency in data consultation, friendly use of the system.”
"It's an open source product, and pretty solid and stable. The simplicity to integrate - just add 3! lines into your _already_ existing code, and Blossom does the rest.”
"I could execute my spark job on Flink by changing only one line of code. I also liked a lot the optimizer that can select the platform based on a cost model.”
"My tasks can be transferred between platforms with just minor changes.”
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Why Databloom AI

Enterprises are increasingly concerned about data silos. They create new problems for data discovery, access, and activation. We provide a smarter option than complicated, heavyweight systems and centralized solutions that can't deliver on the next stage of your journey toward digital transformation.

Our flagship product is an AI-driven cross-platform data analytics platform. Our technology is the most powerful data analytics and data integration software currently available on the market. We provide a quick and reliable data platform integration solution that works with hybrid cloud, on-premise, private, and public cloud environments.

Our flagship product, Blossom Sky, kickstarts your digital data journey, eliminates technical debt in data engineering, and enhances data management from the start. Blossom Sky has produced amazing results for our clients, allowing them to recover and redeploy up to 35% of their current data costs.

Our Platform

Our technology reduces costs and technical debt, increases performance, accelerates digital transformation, and empowers data-driven innovations.

We simplify the use of data lakes, data warehouses, and data processing systems for developers. Developers can build their applications on top of our technology and let it handle the execution of their applications across multiple data sources without the need for re-platforming. We bring data intelligence capabilities directly to the data sources instead of moving data to large storage systems or data lakes.
Blossom Studio Pipeline
Ready to join the AI Powered Data Revolution? Get a quote today!